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Our mission is to empower homeowners to achieve net-zero home emissions, reducing their carbon footprint and saving on energy costs.

Consider the true cost of your home energy

The methane from your home each year has the same climate impact as burning 5,000 pounds of coal. A coal power plant’s annual emissions are equivalent to the CO2 from over a million propane grills cooking non-stop for a year. And driving your car just emits as much CO2 as 50 trees absorb in a year. Transitioning to clean energy means turning these figures around for a healthier planet.

These numbers aren’t just statistics—they are a call to action. Shift to cleaner energy and dramatically reduce your environmental footprint.

Financial uncertainty from fossil fuel dependence

Fossil fuels may seem like the cheaper option today, but they come with hidden and rising costs:

  • Up to 30% Price Volatility: The price of natural gas can spike significantly in a single year due to market and geopolitical factors.
  • 20% Higher Maintenance Costs: Systems using fossil fuels typically cost more in maintenance and repairs compared to newer, energy-efficient systems.
  • Increasing Environmental Levies: Hidden costs like carbon taxes and cleanup fees are on the rise as policies shift towards greener solutions.

Transition to cleaner energy and lock in lower, more predictable costs with renewable energy.

25 year Energy Cost – Fossil Fuel based

See the long-term financial toll of fossil fuels. These rising numbers highlight why switching to renewable energy isn't just eco-friendly—it's economic sense.


Spent on Coal & Methane Electricity (38%)


Spent on Methane Gas (16%)


Spent on Gasoline (46%)

Electrify Your Life

Transition to a sustainable lifestyle by changing to innovative clean energy solutions. Upgrade to efficient electric systems, solar panels, and electric vehicles to significantly reduce your energy costs, increase home equity, and work towards zero emissions.

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 90% Energy Savings: Solar power and efficient appliances could dramatically reduce your energy bills.
  • 70% Less Maintenance: Electric systems require far less upkeep than traditional systems.
  • Achieve Zero Emissions: Transition to renewable energy to eliminate your carbon footprint.
  • 3-6% Increase in Home Equity: Clean energy upgrades like solar panels enhance your home’s value, offering a significant return on investment.

Start your customized journey to energy independence

Kickstart your sustainability journey with Mission Zero. Our dedicated advisors provide unbiased, expert guidance to craft a personalized energy solution tailored to your needs, prioritizing your best interests over partnerships.

We ensure you capitalize on every available tax credit, cash rebate, and hidden incentive, maximizing your investment and reducing costs.

Receive a free, customized proposal, whether for rooftop or ground-mount installations. Our objective advice is always aimed at achieving the best outcomes for your household.

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Contact a Mission Zero advisor to start your transition to an all-electric, renewable-powered lifestyle.

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