Mission Zero is Inspiring a Global Movement to Tackle Climate…

...through our donor supported Mission Zero Fund for Environmental Solutions led by students and faculty.


“The technology exists if we wanted to fix climate change. If there were no barriers with implementation or politics… we could do it.”

— Daphna Margalit, "Grid vs. Evil" Team

“This is our future. This is our planet. This is our world.”

— Noah Saidy, "Grid vs. Evil" Team

“I've been concerned about climate change for as long as I can remember. That's why I chose engineering school, to come up with some solutions to sustainability, specifically in renewable energy.”

— Simon Julien, "Latimer Controls" Team

“Mission Zero is a big part of the community trying to figure out how we can solve climate change.”

— Bridger Keally, "Latimer Controls" Team

Critical Thinking about Our Most Critical Challenge

Mission Zero is a donor-funded initiative that produces and promotes climate-related projects, programs, and media, which highlight the efforts of University Students working on climate solutions.  


Mission Zero Starts Here

A global powerhouse in climate research and action, The University of Colorado Boulder has positioned itself not only as a leader in the fight against climate change, but as the appropriate starting point for a global movement to save our planet.


CU is ground zero for Mission Zero. Where powerful climate stories are being created that will shift behaviors and rally widespread optimism. It starts here, and then it grows.

Understand. Imagine. Inspire.

We fund initiatives for CU students, faculty and community members to share ideas about climate and advocate for solutions. Here’s what we’re doing:

For Students

Student Climate Projects 

Climate Storytelling Training 

New Venture Challenge


Environmental Center

For Faculty

Lunch and Learns

Climate Justice

Research Labs

Climate Curriculum Workshops

Climate Storytelling Training

For Community Members


Mentoring Programs


Be a Part of the Most Important Mission of Our Time

“It’s not an engineering problem. It’s not a business problem. It’s everybody’s problem.  Any student can be part of Mission Zero”

— Scott King