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Watch highlights on some of the projects that Mission Zero is supporting.


The 2022 Solutions Showcase (SS22) is an event we co-hosted with the Environmental Center on April 21st where students and faculty presented climate action-related startup projects in the form of posters, videos/slideshows, or live demonstrations. There were over 50 student projects on display and $25k in prizes.

CU Faculty Lead:

Grid vs. Evil | Capstone Project

Mission Zero is sponsoring an Engineering Capstone Class to provide the next generation of climate leaders with the opportunity to work on a specific challenge. As their capstone project, these CU students are engineering an interactive project to educate people on how we can revolutionize the way we transfer energy through modernizing our grid, the transition to electric vehicles, and implementing more distributed renewable energy.

“We can really change how we view power and usage, in our cities, in our homes, in our cars - renewable energy is the way to do that.” - CU Student

There are many factors at play, however, we now have the tools, technologies, and know-how to address these significant barriers to solving the carbon problem.

CU Faculty Lead:

Green Suits Your Fashion

Green Suits Your Fashion was enacted in the Spring of 2021 with an upper-division undergraduate Creative Climate Communication and Behavior Change (C3BC) class at the University of Colorado taught by Beth Osnes, Max Boykoff, and Patrick Chandler. For this assignment, students were asked to visually communicate within their circle of influence how sustainable fashion can positively influence the environment and be aspirational.

CU Faculty Lead:

Marshall Fire | Super Zero House

In December 2021 Boulder County was engulfed in a fast-moving and unprecedented urban firestorm. Over 1,000 homes were lost to the Marshall Fire including Mission Zero's COO family's home. Despite all the tragedy and loss, they were able to see an opportunity to rebuild a carbon zero home.

The Super Zero team from the University of Colorado Boulder Engineering 2400 course is working on a project to do just that, with funding support from Mission Zero. The students developed a model home to help people relate their home to the power it consumes. As the team developed this model they realized that solving climate change is accessible and does come from everybody making small improvements to their daily energy consumption.

CU Professor Dale Miller's carbon zero home of 14 years further proves that building or upgrading to carbon zero is feasible and it will help curb climate change by reducing our dependence on the fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

CU Faculty Lead:


One of Mission Zero’s priorities is to facilitate students of all disciplines engaging in climate-related projects. Successful student applicants will receive funding, as well as have the opportunity to show off their projects at the CU Solutions Showcase on April 21, 2022.  Students may receive up to $500 per individual, or up to $2000 per team. 

CU Faculty Lead:

NVC Climate Change Track

CU Boulder has cultivated a unique environment where innovation thrives.  Mission Zero is excited to partner with CU’s New Venture Challenge Program for assisting students in bringing their ideas to market. There will be $20,000 available for top teams with ventures focused on sustainability.

CU Faculty Lead:

Undergraduate Research on Climate Change

CU has been leading the effort in climate change research for decades. Through a partnership with Mission Zero, CU Boulder benefits by receiving funding resources to further their ongoing student/faculty research efforts into all aspects of climate change.

CU Faculty Lead:

Mission Zero Videos

Mission Zero at CU Boulder is supporting students and faculty working on climate solutions  Here are some of the ways Mission Zero is empowering and interacting with CU Boulder.

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2022 & Beyond

Climate Action

Faculty and students discuss how Mission Zero is building a movement at CU Boulder by engaging and funding students in climate-related projects. Students from all disciplines with a passion for sustainability are coming together to raise climate awareness, and what’s happening at CU will be a model that can be expanded to other universities. Let’s support what’s starting here. Because, as Professor Rebecca Dixon says, “when things are important, you fund them.”

Empowering Students

Mission Zero is creating a movement among CU Boulder students to revolutionize the systems and processes that prevent us from tackling climate change. We need individual advocacy along with collective action. Mission Zero’s role is amplifying student enthusiasm and engaging an entire community. Because the climate isn’t an engineering problem, it’s not a business problem – it’s everybody’s problem. And everyone at CU has a role to play.

Empowering Faculty

You don’t have to be a scientist to get involved in climate action. Storytelling is a key part of how Mission Zero is helping infuse a focus on climate change throughout CU Boulder. From faculty training on climate change storytelling to incorporating climate in humanities courses, Mission Zero is engaging students in telling their stories and bringing climate to the attention of those around them.