Mission Zero Student Internships

Student Interns Spring 22 - Climate Program

Project Overview: Mission Zero has the goal of employing at least 12 interns per semester, and currently there are 10 on payroll. These interns are part-time employees that are empowered to lead a Mission Zero project. They are given a budget and resources to implement the project and create marketing content around it. They also lead our student volunteers and guide them on getting involved with Mission Zero on campus. 

Impact: These interns gain valuable experience in leadership and implementation, in addition to the opportunity to add a meaningful project to their resume. Interns and volunteers are also the lifeblood of Mission Zero’s connection to the student body. Interns are paid $25/hour, up to 10 hours/week, which is intended to also help subsidize tuition.


Sponsor Benefits: This program is hands-on training for students to get a taste of a “real-world” startup and nurture their leadership skills to prepare them for the job market. This creates a highly curated and vetted group of potential employees and networking for the students.

Spring 2023 Interns

Grace Urbanski, Mission Zero Intern, Campus Club Liaison
Grace Urbanski

Social Media & Marketing

Bella Pao
Bella Pao


Makayla Ortiz, Mission Zero, Volunteer
Makayla Ortiz

Climate Curriculum

22_kaylan-05 (1)
Kaylan Madrid

Climate Action Expo

Tasha Smith

Student Engagement

Michael Duran

Fundraising and Outreach

Spring 2022 Interns

Harry Jaffe

Student Outreach

Tegan Bartholomew Brown


Caden Scates

Business Development

Joe Marino, Mission Zero Intern, Sustainability Solutions Summit
Joe Marino

Solutions Summit 2022

Mohamed Elbedawi

Climate Justice & Equity

Shelly Diller

Campus Clubs

Sam Beck, Mission Zero Intern, Climate Policy
Samuel Beck

Politics & Policy

Grace Urbanski, Mission Zero Intern, Campus Club Liaison
Grace Urbanski

Marketing & Website

Bella Pao
Bella Pao

Video & Design