Solar Decathlon

Through a partnership with Flatirons Habitat for Humanity, the CU Solar Decathlon team is designing and building an ultra-efficient, net-zero energy home to be incorporated into the Ponderosa Stabilization Program. This team is redefining the next generation of affordable housing on the Front Range by focusing on a robust envelope, carbon-conscious materials, and improved indoor air quality. Not only will this home be net-zero energy, but it will also incorporate a fully automated residential green hydrogen generation and storage system. This system reduces reliance on the grid, allowing the home to be run on renewable energy 24/7 with zero carbon emissions.

The goal is to build a model single-family house that can be replicated in affordable housing markets. Further, they aim to prove the feasibility of the hydrogen economy as an alternative clean energy solution.  

The 2023 team’s mission is three-fold:

  • Raise awareness in the community on sustainable building solutions
  • Train the next generation of building professionals entering the workforce
  • Create a higher standard of affordable housing focused on energy efficiency, occupant health, and long-term resilience
Solar Decathlon CU


What makes this project different from the rest? This project is being built and will have a direct impact on the 60 families that live in the Ponderosa community! The project has 100% construction documentation completed and will begin construction this summer! 

Poster_Solar Decathlon_hydro

Donor Benefits:

The name recognition of the Solar Decathlon competition is massive, attaining 2 million media impressions and 25,000 to 100,000 visitors bi-annually. In March of 2023, they will host a local exhibition period where the Boulder community can tour the net-zero building after construction and learn about sustainable building. The club will gladly promote its sponsors on its website, in future presentation material, and in the home itself. 

Action Needed:

They are still looking for funds and in-kind donations for various building supplies to help complete the build by February 2023!

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