Climate Curriculum Development

PWR Faculty Training Workshop

Curriculum - Program for Writing & Rhetoric
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Project Overview: Mission Zero understands that a key to creating a global movement on climate change is highlighting and promoting powerful stories which connect with people on a new level. Teaming with the PWR (Program for Writing & Rhetoric) leaders, the Mission Zero Fund is supporting the training of faculty members on strategies and techniques for conveying powerful messages about climate change into their existing writing courses.


Funding: This project was funded by the Mission Zero Fund with a $38,000 allocation. 


Impact: Over 20 faculty attended these seminars and were able to take their learning into the classroom. It also led to a partnership with CU’s student-produced Hindsight magazine to create a special climate edition sponsored by Mission Zero.  With over 6,000 CU students taking PWR classes each year, this program has the ability to impact a broad set of students enrolled in all CU Boulder colleges.  


Action Needed: In order to continue this program on an annual basis, additional funding is needed.