Marshall Fire x Carbon Zero

Too Close to Home . . .

In December 2021 Boulder County was engulfed in a fast-moving and unprecedented urban fire storm. The unseasonably wet spring gave this fire the fuel, then the historically warm and snow-free winter primed that fuel to burn.

Mission Zero's COO, Paul Grignon, and his wife lost their home to the Marshall Fire, the home they were married at less than a year prior. In all the tragedy and loss they were able to see an opportunity to build back better. They are working on rebuilding their home in a carbon zero model.

Building a Carbon Zero House

The Super Zero team at the University of Colorado Boulder Engineering school is working on a project to build more sustainable housing! Mission Zero is helping fund Lucas House and Leo Nguyen's student project to model a carbon zero house to show how you can make updates to your current home.

CU Professor Dale Miller and his family have lived in their net zero house for over 14 years. Building or upgrading to carbon zero isn't more expensive, but it will help curb climate change and reduce our dependence on the fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Marshall Fire