Engineering Climate Capstone Projects

Grid vs. Evil

During their final year at CU Boulder, all undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science participate in a year-long senior capstone project that gives them a chance to put their skills into practice on real-world projects. Mission Zero seeks to confront climate change by supporting student-led climate initiatives; sponsoring an Engineering Capstone team allows Mission Zero to identify a specific climate-related challenge for that team to solve.

Capstone in Action


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$15,000 was allocated to the Grid vs. Evil project from the Mission Zero Fund for the design and creation of the Electric Vehicle ecosystem. The idea behind this project was to challenge the students to build a teaching exhibit that educates people on the need for transitioning to electric vehicles and modernizing our electric grid. Donors can come up with their own project ideas or work with Mission Zero and the CU engineering faculty to come up with a climate-related project. 


For the 2021/22 school year, Mission Zero sponsored the Grid vs Evil Electrical Engineering Capstone team. These CU students are engineering an interactive project to educate people on the need for a modern electrical grid and how we can revolutionize the way we transfer energy.

Donor Benefits:

Mission Zero can connect sponsors to Capstone Engineering Projects related to climate change. Sponsors can be personally involved with the development of a solution to a problem they identify or work with Mission Zero to manage the projects.

Action Needed:

Mission Zero is looking for donors and corporate sponsors to work with engineering students on creating climate change projects.

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