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Green Suits Your Fashion

Green Suits Your Fashion is an activity for creatively communicating sustainable fashion

It was enacted in the Spring of 2021 with an upper-division undergraduate Creative Climate Communication and Behavior Change (C3BC) class at the University of Colorado taught by Beth Osnes, Max Boykoff, and Patrick Chandler. For this assignment, students were asked to visually communicate within their circle of influence how sustainable fashion can positively influence the environment and be aspirational. Each student created a sustainably sourced outfit (thrifted, hand-me-down, recycled, dumpster-dived, clothing swapped, sewn from repurposed cloth…) as an expression of their personal style.

Students in Action

Students created a photo or video of themselves modeling this outfit while wearing a full-body Lycra green suit underneath. They were challenged with adding a pro-environmental personal message to this photo or video and post it on some form of social media or communication platform. There were asked to reach at least ten people within their circle of influence and document any responses or feedback received. Finally, they were asked to write an overall personal reflection on this once this example of Green Fashion was created, documented, disseminated, and responded to. This assignment addresses many key issues surrounding the science and art of what makes for effective climate communication.


This assignment, in a class of 40 students, was able to reach over 3000 people with a vibrant, personal message inspiring Green Fashion and sustainable fashion behavior. Given the incredibly significant environmental impact of the fashion industry, it is essential for our survivability to radically reimagine our relationship with clothing. Our students are perfectly suited to this charge as powerful agents for change.

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Green Suits Class, Beth Osnes C3BC Faculty

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