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Faculty Programs for Climate Change Action at CU Boulder

“Confronting Environmental Racism” Course


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The Environmental Studies Program of CU Boulder is a community of scholars conducting research, teaching and service focused on the multiple dimensions of environmental change through integrating scientific understanding of human-environment interactions, practical responses to environmental problems, and the values that shape our decisions and behavior. Based on Mission Zero’s commitments to the courses ‘Developing Community Resilience to Climate Change’ and ‘Creating Climate Activists’ through compelling stories that catalyze engagement, we are excited to sponsor a new course to pilot in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 called  ‘Confronting Environmental Racism’.

CU Faculty Leads:

PWR Faculty Training on Climate Storytelling

PWR faculty workshop

Mission Zero understands a key to creating a global movement on Climate Change is highlighting and promoting powerful stories which connect with people on a new level. Teaming with the PWR (Program for Writing & Rhetoric) Leaders, the Mission Zero Fund is supporting the training of faculty members on strategies and techniques for conveying powerful messages about climate change. 

CU Faculty Leads:

Climate Justice Action Plan


Climate change is much more than just environmental and physical impacts. Mission Zero and CU Boulder are committed to examining and addressing the auxiliary impacts climate change has on equality and human rights.  The Mission Zero Fund is excited to support the development of a Climate Justice Action Plan for the CU Boulder.

CU Faculty Leads:

Faculty Workshops on Climate Change


Climate Across the Curriculum is faculty workshop to learn, to brainstorm, and to practice in a cross-disciplinary context about major climate change topics. Mission Zero is proud to partner with the decades of climate experts at CU Boulder, and the Mission Zero Fund is supporting the development of the most cutting-edge Climate Curriculums in the U.S.

CU Faculty Leads:

Faculty Training and Engagement Programs

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Mission Zero is partnered with CU Boulder in developing programs that engage the CU faculty in climate change and ways faculty can incorporate climate solutions into their existing courses.

CU Faculty Leads:

  • Boulder Faculty Assembly, Climate Science and Education Committee