Faculty Funding
For Climate Action

Apply for funding to support your idea for an event around the Right Here Right Now Global Climate Summit

Use of Funds

What can be funded:

  • On-campus & local events
  • On-campus & local volunteer projects
  • Media production and distribution for climate action/justice
  • On-campus & local educational/informative sessions or speaker series
  • On-campus & local speakers/guest appearances (key note or other)
  • Food & NA drinks for events/programs types listed above
  • Venue rentals for events/programs types listed above
  • Equipment rentals for events/programs types listed above

What cannot be funded:

  • Alcohol
  • Hardware/electronics
  • Travel
  • Attending conferences
  • Renovations/construction
  • Salaries
  • Non-climate related events and programs
  • Self-promotion
  • Out-of-state events/programs/projects

Mission Zero, a Climate University accelerator, funds and supports students working on climate action.

By working with faculty and donors, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to tackle our climate crisis.