Student Climate Project Funding

Project Overview: Every student should have the opportunity to work on climate solutions. During the first months of the semester, students may submit an application for project funding through the Mission Zero website. Through the sponsorship of these projects, Mission Zero will produce and promote media and the stories of these students who decided to take the first step in the fight against climate change, which will serve to inspire others to embark on climate projects as well. There are no limits on the creativity of the students; it does not matter if the project idea is a business, an engineering idea, or an artistic piece – projects can be in any field. 

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Impact: The impact of providing funding for climate projects is immediate. This funding helps facilitate students’ project completion and provides a means for the students to bring their ideas to life. Every project funded is another opportunity to revolutionize the current status quo and continue our fight to preserve all life on earth. Each project is also highlighted at the spring Climate Action Expo.

Action Needed: The most crucial action needed to be taken is to spread the availability of this opportunity across campus. This outreach includes social media posts, flyers around campus/the city of Boulder, speaking about the opportunity in front of groups of students, and more. As we promote Mission Zero and inspire our audience to submit an application, receive funding, and pursue climate projects, we will increase the number of projects and continue to empower students to work on climate action.

How to get involved


Corporate sponsorships offer exposure at the Expo


Donate to support climate action events

Apply for Funding

Students can apply for up to $2k for their climate project