Climate Curriculum Development

Mission Zero works with CU Boulder faculty and administration to fund climate change curriculum development for new and existing courses.


Teaming with the PWR (Program for Writing & Rhetoric) leaders, Mission Zero supported the training of faculty members on strategies and techniques for conveying powerful messages about climate change in their existing writing courses.

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Mission Zero is proud to partner with the decades of climate experts at CU Boulder’s Environmental Center and the C3BC faculty to support the development of the most cutting-edge climate curricula in the US.

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Education and awareness are essential to bringing about change. This course is designed to enable students to learn skills that will be impactful in climate action, while also ensuring that climate action is anti-racist, equitable, and just, by making them aware of racist situations within the environmental and climate sector.

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Climate Programs

Mission Zero supports a wide variety of climate change programs across the CU Boulder campus.

Donor Supported

Mission Zero is donor-funded. 100% of the donation goes to the program of the donor's choosing.

C3BC Curriculum

CU Faculty Leaders

Mission Zero works very closely with faculty to curate climate programs & curriculum at CU Boulder. We couldn't do what we do without their support and guidance.

Goals of Mission Zero

Network of Climate Universities

We are looking to foster student-led climate action at Universities & Colleges.

Empower Students

We aim to empower the next generation of leaders to tackle climate change action.

Climate Survival Skills

We believe that each and every student should graduate with a solid understanding of climate change.

Center for Climate Action

We aim to be the nucleus of Climate Action at CU Boulder and use that as a model to expand to other Universities.

Beacon of Hope

Instill hope and optimism to the next generation that climate change may be solved.

Change Climate Change

Minimize the devastation brought on by climate change.