Climate Action Ambassadors

For the 2022/23 school year we are looking for CU Boulder student ambassadors to organize, run, and promote on-campus climate action events around the UN Right Here Right Now Global Climate Summit (Dec 2022) and the Climate Action Expo (April 2023).

This year our main campaign will be around Formula CU, an interactive electric car race that promotes climate solutions!

Climate Solutions

Mission Zero has targeted nine areas of challenge and opportunity to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. While there are many other activities we can alter to reduce our carbon footprint, these climate solution tracks are ones we have identified as areas of greatest impact.


Decreasing Industrial EmissionsDecreasing Industry Emissions

Industrial activities such as manufacturing, food processing, construction and mining result in CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel combustion as well as the chemical processes used in producing steel and cement. Industry also generates indirect emissions from the vast amounts of energy it consumes. What are the easiest low-emission alternatives to industrial processes, and what’s preventing their adoption? Can consumer demand influence large industry to make major system overhauls? Is carbon capture and sequestration the only option for some processes? Would a carbon tax have the intended effect of moving industry to greener practices? What forces have affected policymaking, and can these be swayed?