Our Mission

Mission Zero, a Climate University accelerator, funds and supports students working on climate action.

By working with faculty and donors, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to tackle our climate crisis.

Our Values and Beliefs

Mission Zero embraces the following ideas in all its undertakings:

Democratic Governance

Everyone has a voice, and we respect the rule of law.


Don’t mislead people; don’t mislead yourself.


We have equal rights to resources and opportunities.


Be helpful, be nice and listen to each other.


Our actions match our words.

Contribution to Public Good

When we support our communities, our communities support us.

Climate Change Critical

The ranging calamities from climate change are imminent and devastating to humanity.

Personal Responsibility

All global citizens must move toward carbon zero lifestyles to advance climate action.

How We Began

“I wanted to do something, to take practical action. I considered what would happen if the climate crisis grew – it was bleak. I studied what we had done so far to stop climate change – it wasn’t enough.

But what could I do, one person, in the face of so much devastation? The problem was too big. I felt not only frightened, but hopeless. It was my ‘dark night of the soul.’ 

We all have this moment in our lives, sometimes more than once. And just like in the stories we turn to again and again, we are the protagonists who face down our own darkness to fight the enemy within and around us. We travel to the shadowy Underworld and we return to the light. And It’s the journey of every ordinary person who finds that the right thing to do is sometimes the uncomfortable thing to do. 

I’ve chosen to do what I think is right. I have created an initiative called Mission Zero, seeded by my family and myself, to improve society’s resilience to climate change and, more importantly, to champion carbon zero living. I hope to see it grow into a movement. In order to solve a problem as big as climate change, we need as many people working on it as possible.” 

— Scott King, Founder of Mission Zero

Mission Zero Team

Scott King
Scott King

Executive Director

IMG_2432 (1)
Paul Grignon

Chief Operations Officer

Brittany Puzio, Marketing Manager, Mission Zero
Brittany Puzio

Director of Marketing

Chris Bentley, Mission Zero, VP
Chris Bentley

VP of Synergistic Relationships

Jeff Daigle
Jeff Daigle

Website Development

Office Hours

Mission Zero has office hours on campus at the Deming Center, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm.   Please use the link below to schedule a meeting.  We are also happy to meet via Zoom during these hours.

Book a meeting with Scott


Mission Zero's Interns host student meetings during the school year for volunteers. This is a dedicated time to connect with students, brainstorm events and activities, and collaborate on projects. Fill out the volunteer form
for more details.

Mission Zero Fund Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee for the Mission Zero Fund at CU Boulder is comprised of members representing University of Colorado administration, faculty, students, and community leaders.

Kris Karnauskas, Mission Zero, CIRES AND ATOC
Kris Karnauskas
Heidi VanGenderen
Heidi VanGenderen
Dave Newport
Dave Newport
Chloe Nicklas
Chloe Nicklas
John Cunningham
John Cunningham

Gibb Rocky Mountain

Scott King
Scott King

Mission Zero